Where is ROC?

The community is found all over campus. On Fridays at noon we meet in the ROC House for ROC Lunch and Bible Study. The ROC House is a flat / suite located just off campus (see directions below). 

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm we meet on campus below Nelson Commons on South Green in an area called "The South Pole." (See OU Campus map at the very bottom.)

The ROC House is located on the corner of Court and Union streets at 50 S. Court Street suite C in Athens, OH (on the 3rd floor above the College Bookstore--though the Google map below has the pointer at the College Gate, the College Bookstore is right across the street).  The ROC House is often open and that's where you may find Jean or Dodger most days of the week. 

You can get to the third floor of the bookstore by following the stairs to the left of the Chase ATM on the Court street side of the bookstore. Go up to the top floor suite C.

View 50 S Court St in a larger map

The South Pole / Nelson Commons... is located on OU's South Green in between Adams and Crawford. Nelson is #72 on the map below. You can enter the south pole from either the rear, ground floor level of Nelson, or from the front of the building by walking down the stairs into the parking garage.