Grad & Young Professionals

ROC's graduate student & young professionals ministry seeks to fulfill ROC’s purpose of glorifying Jesus while connecting graduate students with other graduate students, young professionals and Christian faculty members highlighting the values of belonging-to God and one another in community, becoming-more like Christ and being sent-to love, serve and disciple the nations.


Great question! Thanks for asking. Graduate school and the work world are demanding places spiritually as well as academically. In the graduate student & young professionals group you can connect with others who share similar concerns about integrating their Christian faith with their academic and work endeavors. We have a weekly study, prayer, and fellowship time that meets at 14110 Mansfield Road Athens, Ohio every Thursday at 7pm.

ROC's values--belonging, becoming and being sent--provide us with a frame for our community life together.

Belonging to God and one another highlights the importance of Christian community.  Christian community is central to living the Christian life, especially in the university context. Christian community helps you, as a student or young professional, by enabling relationships that are enjoyable and spiritually nurturing. It gives you a place where you can blow off steam and be encouraged. It is a safe place to bring hurts and fears so that you might be built up and that you might pray with other Christians who are concerned about you. Belonging also highlights the sense of "family" that we seek to create together.

Becoming more like Christ highlights the importance of Christian spiritual formation.  Spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. It is vital that you continue to grow spiritually while you seek to grow academically and in your career. We are all in process. None of us has arrived and we need continued encouragement to submit to the Lord who is the Savior and Lover of our souls. We are seeking to place ourselves in the path of this wild lover in order for Him to mold us as He desires.

Being sent to love, serve and disciple highlights the importance Christian witness in the academy.  Being sent is an important part of our life together as Christians at the university. We recognize our call to incarnate the love of Christ for others through individual and group service and witness.  Our hope is also that each grad student & young professional might continue to grow in his/her ability to share Jesus with others.

In the midst of our values of belonging, becoming and being sent we encourage academic excellence. The apostle Paul said to do everything to the glory of God. Our hope is that as you continue your education, your participation with us in ROC's graduate student & young professionals group will enable you better to bring glory to God. If you’re interested in more information, please don’t hesitate to contact grad group ministry leader Jeremy Hatfield or campus minister Dodger Vaughan.

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