Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August Update

It’s almost time!! That’s right… as I write these words thousands of new students and their parents are preparing to journey to Athens, Ohio for move-in weekend. This is such an incredibly exciting time for the ROC community as this is our first opportunity to meet the students who will shape and lead the ROC community for years to come. Our current students have done a fantastic job planning a host of outreach events and social gatherings all geared toward meeting new students and welcoming them to our community. 

ROC was blessed by the generosity of
several  local churches this summer
who chose us to be the mission for VBS
One such event is our annual cookie outreach. Each year we are amazed at the love and generosity of ROC’s extended family of alumni, churches, and individuals who bake cookies for this event. I really do look forward to these busy couple days because it’s always a blessing to get to see students’ faces light up when they are offered free cookies. I say this every year, but I’ve always been amazed at how many of our current ROC students’ stories start with “I first heard about ROC when someone offered me free cookies during move-in.” It’s such a simple, yet powerful expression of love. 

It’s also an thrilling time of year for us because we are ready to welcome back so many of our students who have been out serving, working, and traveling this summer. Speaking of which, please take some time to read this month’s Student Spotlight featuring ROC’s own Abby Cohen. Abby was blessed with some amazing opportunities this summer, and I hope her interview is an encouragement and a blessing to you as well. 

All summer long we’ve been sharing stories just like Abby’s with you in hopes that you see and are encouraged by the ways that God has been using our ROC students. Now as new students begin arriving in Athens, our prayer is that God continues to use our students right here on their own campus in the same amazing ways He has used them throughout the summer. This has always been the secret to our success; equipping and encouraging students to be used by God in order to reach out abroad and back home. 

ROC student leader Blayne Smith,
pictured center, helped plan his home
church's youth revival in addition to
leading worship and preaching
But we are incredibly thankful that we are not in this alone. If cookie outreach reminds us of anything, it’s that there are hundreds of people just like you who love our students and want to see the campus of Ohio University transformed by the message of the Gospel. Without this type of support as well as your encouragement, prayers, and financial gifts, ROC simply would not exist. But because you do what you do, we are able to do what we do! 

Please be in prayer for us and all of our new student outreach events as well as the prayer requests included in this update. Also, if there are any ways we can be praying for you, we’d love to hear your requests. The ROC staff prays for the needs of the ROC community and others during staff meeting each week. We’d be pleased to add your needs to our list as well. 

In Christian Love,

-Dodger Vaughan

*Just a quick update on ROC's summer fundraising drive. ROC's friends have been incredibly generous in stepping up to meet the needs of the ministry. While we still have some ways to go, God has been blessing us through your generosity. Thank you so much. If you want to know more about how to give to ROC contact us or click on the "Ways to Give" link above. 

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