Monday, April 23, 2018

April Update

ROC Summer Fundraising Drive 

Some of you may be reading this and wondering why we have included this giving pyramid. The short answer to this question is simply that ROC is ALWAYS trying to identify and encourage new partners who would commit to meeting the financial needs of the ministry. If you’ve been reading our updates, you’re no doubt already aware of all the amazing things that GOD is doing in the ROC community as well as in the lives of students. This is only possible because of the faithful support of churches, alumni, and friends just like you! As we enter the summer months we are making this push to invite new friends of the ministry to partner with us to help meet our current needs so we can continue to provide students with the same opportunities that ROC has provided for nearly 43 years. So let me ask, if you are a current friend of the ROC community but do not yet regularly support the ministry would you prayerfully consider beginning that partnership with us this summer? Obviously if you are a current supporter and God moves you to give an additional amount we would welcome that as well (also you all are amazing, thank you). We will be sharing this pyramid each month and crossing off each new partnership and giving level from the pyramid so you can celebrate with us! 

From the Intern's Desk...

Hello everybody, it’s Noah the ROC intern. Hopefully, you guys saw the spotlight on me at the beginning of the year, so I won’t share too much about myself. I am from Dyersburg, Tennessee and worked for CrossRoads Missions on and off for the past couple years in Mexico and New Orleans, which is where I met Dodger. Anyways, this month’s update is going to be from my perspective instead of Dodger’s, and I’m also going to share a few instances where I saw God work earlier in the semester.

ROC Student Leaders were locked in
an escape room but managed to get out
in less than an hour! 
We are coming to an end for the spring semester at Ohio University, so that means good weather will get here….eventually (it’s still snowing in April?). With the good weather comes every student’s favorite time of the year, EXAMS. When exams come, the ROC House is transformed into a place where students can come to relax with a snack, rest up between exams, cram a study session in, or silently cry in a corner as they realize all their hopes and dreams are coming to an end.

With those warm and fuzzy feelings in mind, let’s get to the cool things I got to experience while a part of ROC. First, we went up to Mohican State park with our partner student ministry ACT! (Active Christians Today) from University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University for our Winter Retreat. While there, students got to learn a lot of different spiritual lessons ranging from different prayer techniques to being thankful for all the little things that God puts in our lives every single day such as the environment we live in. One of the coolest parts about that weekend was when we got to go out in the beauty of nature and see God’s handiwork while on the different hiking trails.

Being a former intern for a missions organization, I’ve got to talk about all the different ways that ROC served this semester. The first opportunity we had to serve was at OVCA’s junior and senior high winter retreat. ROC students led worship, ran group discussions, washed dishes, and made sure that no kids killed each other the whole weekend (this is by far one of ROC’s greatest achievements in my book). The next big chance we had to serve was on the Spring Break service trip to Arizona at the American Indian Christian Mission. I know Dodger has shared about our trip already, but I’m going to throw in my two cents. The students of ROC jumped right in to the work projects and the blue bus ministry with absolutely no hesitation, which is no easy feat. I’ve helped lead volunteers that came to New Orleans and Mexico, and I can truly say with all my heart that the students of ROC are a special group on the mission field. The love of Jesus Christ was shown through every single person that went on the trip. Whether it was loving on kids on the reservation, building a deck, or just helping out the staff at AICM in any way possible, ROC was making a positive impact.

Speaking of missions, let me brag on some students that are being sent by the Father this summer to go do some awesome things. Abby Cohen was graced with an opportunity to study abroad in South Africa for the month of June. Abby will be working with the Red Cross’s children’s hospital in Cape Town to help kids cope with being hospitalized. Yet, she’s not done there as she will also be chaperoning kids with cancer from Detroit to Camp Make-a-Dream in Montana, where she will also serve as a camp counselor for the week. Also, Blayne Smith has been called to serve with AICM in Show Low, Arizona. Blayne felt led to serve on the reservation after we got back from Arizona, and was accepted as an intern just last week! He’s going to be there from the end of May through the month of July. Last, but definitely not least, is Noelle Mash. Noelle has accepted God’s call for her to serve in Appalachia with CrossRoads Missions. She’s going to be in Eastern Kentucky for the whole summer serving as a Storyteller intern. I ask that everyone who reads this joins me in prayer for Abby, Blayne, and Noelle so that they are safe and successful in their endeavors this summer while serving the Lord.

As my time comes to an end here at ROC, I can’t help but think that the semester flew by. I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing though, because “time flies when you’re having fun” right? I want to thank everyone that supports ROC. Whether you’re a parent of a student, a member of a supporting church, alumni, or whoever, you should be proud of your students. Not only have they shown God’s love through their various acts in various places, but they are growing together to become men and women of Christ. Lastly, I want to thank Jean and Dodger for serving at ROC and investing in students every single day.

-Noah Mulvaney