Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Update

It’s been an eventful October around the ROC Community. We’ve been on the road visiting churches this month, making the final push to get everyone fully funded for the Dominican Republic mission trip happening later this year, and hosting several outreach events. We’ve been incredibly blessed to see God at work in so many areas; I’d like to share a few of those with you.

ROC's Student Ministry Summit
First, on Saturday October 22nd ROC hosted our first annual Student Ministry Summit. We had a little over 50 people in attendance, as well as students and youth leaders from 5 different churches. Our students organized and led all elements of the day including games, teaching, and small group times.  They did a phenomenal job. We were also blessed to have Kentucky Christian University’s praise team Elevate lead us in worship throughout the day. The best part however, came later in the week when a youth leader let me know that one of his students chose to accept Christ and be baptized, and that her experience with the event was part of her motivation!

ROC's Halloween Hotdog Outreach
This past weekend was Athens’ annual Halloween Block Party. This year our students decided that they wanted to engage the community during this event and share Christ through a hotdog outreach. I am so incredibly thankful for the many churches and friends of the ministry of ROC who contributed financially to help us purchase and give away 1,000 hotdogs that night. I am also indebted to the volunteers from Athens Church of Christ, Middleport Church of Christ, and Ripley Church of Christ who showed up to help us work the event! Many of whom stayed past 2am to make sure all hotdogs were given out and that things were cleaned up.

I wanted to pause here and explain why I am so excited that 1,000 people received a free hotdog. To me, this is more than just a free hotdog. Because of your generosity and the hard work of some friends and students, 1,000 people received something to eat and hopefully got home safe that night as a result. Even more importantly, 1,000 people were able to both hear and read that they were being given free hotdogs because Jesus loves them. Sure it might have gone unnoticed or even unappreciated by some, but I know for some it was also very appreciated and unexpected. For others, it was maybe the first time that they had ever heard the name Jesus or heard that He loves them.

ROC sisters Dava and Courtney Clark
were recently featured in the Marietta
Times regarding the Winter Dominican
Republic ServiceTrip
But none of what we do here would be possible without folks like you; people who regularly pray for us, encourage us, and provide the financial support for the ministry of Reach Out on Campus. We are so incredibly blessed by you.

As we close out another year of ministry, I can honestly say that God has provided for the needs of the community in ways that I could never have imagined. For our part we strive to be the best stewards of the money entrusted to us. With current giving trends however, we are projecting a budget deficit, and as such are praying for people to step up to bridge this gap by making a year-end donation to ROC. If you would prayerfully consider helping us out by making a donation to allow us to continue to reach out in ways similar to those described above, we would greatly appreciate your support.Many Blessings,