Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Update

Although we’ve been planning and working toward our students’ return since Spring Semester ended, the reality that it’s about to happen has finally just hit me. In a little less than a week from the time I write this, students from all over the country (and even the world) will descend upon the campus of Ohio University. The first couple days will be a fury of moving boxes, traffic jams, meetings, and social mixers. Would you please join us in praying that students are able to connect with ROC in the midst of all the other things happening during this busy time?

New Orleans Mission Team
Speaking of connecting with students, I am really excited to be a part of ROC’s annual cookie outreach. It’s amazing how excited people get to receive a gift like homemade cookies (something familiar) during a process like move-in (something unfamiliar). We appreciate ROC’s many supporters who undertake this labor of love, which in turn allows us to show the love of Christ in practical ways and make meaningful connections with students as they arrive on campus. It’s amazing how many of our students’ “ROC Stories” begin with, “I first heard about ROC during move-in when someone offered me some cookies.” Thank you so much for your role in this incredible ministry.

As a new semester gets ready to kick-off, we are looking forward to another year of Crosswalk (our larger community worship and teaching time), small group Bible studies, social events, church visits, ROC lunches, and much more. These regular events are really the building blocks for our community and help propel us into some of our larger special events.

Speaking of special events, there are several that I am really excited about that I would ask you to join us in praying for. The first on the calendar is our fall retreat. This year fall retreat is scheduled for the weekend of September 23-25th. Last year’s retreat was fantastic, and really made an impact in the lives of the students who attended.

The second event is new for 2016. This is our “Student Ministry Summit.” This year ROC is reaching OUt to our local student ministries and inviting them to participate in a workshop designed to encourage and equip students in our local churches. This year’s theme will center around “Disciple Making” with ROC students leading the teaching times and small group discussions. Additionally, Kentucky Christian’s traveling praise team “Elevate” will join us for the afternoon and lead the entire group in worship! (If you know of a youth group or church that you’d like us to share this information with, please let us know!) 

Posing with part of the 2016 NOLA Team
The last special event that I’d like you to be in prayer about is our winter service trip. This winter break a team of ROC students will be joining with some adults and high school students from local churches and spending a week in the Dominican Republic serving, evangelizing, and growing together on the mission field. There is always so much that has to come together for a trip of this nature, so we are asking for our friends and ministry partners to join us in praying for God to pull together all the details and to move in mighty ways both in our group and in the D.R.

We are incredibly excited about all of these opportunities! But we are even more excited to know that we have people like you who through prayer, encouragement, and financial support make these types of events, and the ministry of ROC possible. I really wish I could find a way to adequately describe to you the eternal impact that your partnership is making in the lives of students. Maybe one day you can join us for Crosswalk, a mission trip, or even Year End Bash and see (if just in part) this for yourself. Until that time, just know that I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you.