Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July Update

It’s past the midway point of the summer (at least for us). We’ve had a blast meeting the class of 2020 at Freshman orientation and are eagerly anticipating their arrival in August. Through our involvement in the orientation process we’ve gathered together a list of a couple hundred contacts and have already begun to “Reach Out” to them. Speaking of reaching out, if you know of any students arriving in Athens this fall, don’t hesitate to let us know, we would love to meet up with them and invite them to be a part of the community of faith at ROC.

ROC’s mid-summer reconnect is a chance for students to fellowship with one another during the summer months when most of the ROC community is away from Athens. This year Reconnect is scheduled for July 9th and looks to be a great time to see people that we’ve missed so much the past couple months.

Incoming ROC Freshman
Dava Clark and her mom Tami
at Adventure Camp.
June was a busy month full of church visits, VBS, and church camp. One of my favorite times from this past month was preaching at OVCA’s Middler Camp in the evenings. This is always such a fun group to share with as it gives me the opportunity to be creative in sharing the message. We talked about super heroes, flew paper airplanes, and set a world record (at least in my mind) for the longest distance game of “Simon Says.” All of this and we still tied the activity back into a spiritual truth!

As I mentioned last month, I’m eagerly anticipating our summer mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. I love getting to see our ROC students fellowship with and serve alongside a multi-generational mission team. Would you consider adding our students, and the rest of the mission team, to your list of prayer concerns? Prayer is absolutely essential to the success of any trip of this nature as it is to the ministry of ROC. That is why we so appreciate our many prayer partners who fervently pray for our staff and students.

Finally, I just want to mention that for the “Mission Spotlight” this month, we are following up with ROC Student Org president Jessica Brantmeier. You may recall that we did a spotlight on Jessica for our February Update where she shared her plans to serve on the mission field this summer in Eastern Europe. She is now just over halfway through her two-month long internship there with Team Expansion, and is writing to share with us how things are going.

As always we appreciate you and the rest of our ministry partners so much! Thanks for the vital role you play in advancing the kingdom.