Thursday, December 1, 2011

Off to Haiti

Haiti team
Back row: Cathy, Mike, Zack, Anthony, Alex, Greg, David
Almost back row: Erika, Kira
Middle Row: Nicole, Ali, Courtney, Sarah, Adam, Zach
Sitting/kneeling: Carrie, Bryan, Emily, Regan, Nate, Jared

Please pray with us for Jared and the team of students heading to Haiti December 4, 2011.  They will be serving with Team One.27 (name taken from James 1:27) by helping a couple of orphanages in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  In addition to doing some manual labor jobs, the team will be helping with a Christmas party for an anticipated group of over 4,000 street kids and orphans. 

Please pray with us: for travel safety, that all luggage gets transferred between planes and makes it to Haiti with the team, that no one gets sick during the 10 day trip so they can all focus on service, that God will do in and through the ROC team whatever He desires.

There is a team blog that they will be posting to during the trip.  You may access the blog by clicking here.