Friday, May 27, 2011

April e-update

Dad’s brother was in a nursing home at the time.  Uncle Tiny had an infection that resulted in gangrene in his leg.  He refused an amputation and was dying as the gangrene spread.  My dad sent me to the nursing home with my saxophone to play a couple of songs for my uncle who, by this time, didn’t always know the people who came into his room.  I was young and scared.  I didn’t want to do it.  I hadn’t played the saxophone for very long at the time and didn’t think that I would play well enough to be much of a blessing but Dad said that Tiny would enjoy it so I went; mostly out of obedience.

Dad’s family was a family of musicians.  The tapes that I heard of my Uncle Tiny and his brothers playing saxophones together were incredible.  They were technically flawless, superb instrumentalists.  This is probably one reason I was so nervous.  But I was sent to play.

When I arrived with my horn, music stand and music in hand, I was shaking.  The room had a peculiar smell beyond the smell of urine that seemed to permeate the nursing home in general.  I greeted my uncle and put my sax together got my music on the stand and began to play a couple of songs that I don’t remember now.  I remember that my uncle was awake but I don’t remember that he acknowledged me or that we had any real conversation at all.  I finished playing, put my horn away and left not knowing if my uncle was ever aware of my presence.  I had been sent by my dad to bless.

Regardless of the results that’s exactly what we’re all called to be and to do.  We are blessed and sent to be a blessing.  Last month Jared wrote how he, Crystal and some students were sent to be a blessing in TN during spring break.  This quarter as Jared and I have taught in Cross Walk, Jesus continues to send us to class mates, neighbors, friends, family and even strangers to be a blessing.  One way that happened this month was through a “Who is Jesus?” table at the College Gate on Good Friday.  The students made themselves available for conversations and gifted people with books and one with a Bible.  Another way we (Teske family) sought to bless was by welcoming students into our home for the annual Teske Easter celebration (there were 17 of us all together).

Whether in groups, by two or three, or as individuals we are seeking to do our best to play the music of the gospel for others who may not even be aware of the import of the melody line.  We trust the Holy Spirit will make these attempts a blessing to others.  Thank you for enabling us to do this here at OU.  God bless you as you are sent to play the gospel so that those around you are blessed.

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