Monday, October 25, 2010

Retreat poem

I ended my retreat talk about Ephesians 1:3-2:10 on Friday night with a video clip from a Veggie Tales video, A Snoodle's Tale.  After the video segment I concluded with a poem following the Dr. Seuss-esque approach of the video.  I was asked to share it here on the blog so here it is:

So ROCers of OU and not Gildamanjoo
Forgiven, Adopted and given hope too

Let's hold close the picture painted here by this Paul
That we might extend God's love, grace and mercy to all

To all those in Athens, this town and this county
This country and world to share God's goodness and bounty

We need not wallow in old dead religion
But soar with the angels the Spirit's our engine

Though our hearts may be heavy and sad and frightened
As we give ourselves to Him He can surely enlighten

Our packs stuffed with things that weigh us all down
Instead, oh ye saints, he has bestowed on us crowns

We are His so you see and His love it is real
The down payment received with His Spirit as seal

So don't turn away keep the picture close by
And you too will find the strength of being to try

Your being is being coming from His great goodness
His doing we do - not flowing from should-ness

But as His workmanship we are created
To reflect his life in the world consecrated

Till we all get home to see His loving dear face
We will live to the praise of His glorious grace

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