Friday, July 2, 2010

June e-update: Reorienting

In these days of hand held GPS (global positioning system) devices, there may not be many who are familiar with orienteering with map and compass. I’m no expert. In fact I could probably easily get lost even with a compass in hand but a friend taught me the basics years ago. Though the GPS is much more accurate there is something rather endearing to me about the “old fashioned” way of charting one’s course using compass and map.

There are times, however, when you do need to get reoriented. There are times when you thought you knew where you were but the land marks you see don’t match with what’s on the map. This is very disorienting!

There are also times in the life of the disciple when we need to reorient as well. In fact the initial decision to follow Jesus requires a huge reorientation away from self toward Jesus as Lord. We recognize that we are not God and not capable of fixing our brokenness. We need Christ to be the center of our lives and it is only with Him in control that a true orientation is achieved.

This sort of reorientation is an ongoing journey in the life of the Jesus follower. As we grow in relationship with Christ, the Holy Spirit speaks to us about the misdirected parts of our lives. Hopefully we respond to the Spirit’s prompting with obedience and gratitude and reorient ourselves afresh to Christ.

I have seen this in the lives of people over the years as they have recognized that the direction they were going just wasn’t right. One girl called and said, “I’ve been doing the bar scene and I need to turn back to Jesus and get connected with Christians, can I get involved in ROC?” She did. Another student confessed behavior from which he needed to repent. We prayed for God’s grace and healing.

You enable us to be present for these times of reorienting. Thank you for your partnership whether financial or in prayer. God continues to call people to Himself through ROC’s ministry and we are grateful, blessed and honored to be part of that.

In Christ’s peace,

PS Please pray for the Jared Ott (and Crystal while they are apart), Joe Morris and Nate Luke as they prepare to leave for a mission trip to Haiti July 5-15!

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