Friday, April 30, 2010

South Pole comments

We performed a bit of an experiment.  For three weeks we held Cross Walk at the South Pole (under Nelson).  The anecdotal evidence suggests that this was a good thing--great room, nice temperature, good size, great time!  But I'd like to hear from those of you who were there.  Please leave some comments for me here.  Thanks!!!


  1. I will admit that I was skeptical about moving Crosswalk out of the ROC House. However, my apprehensions have been overcome by the versatility and magnitude of the South Pole, and I believe that it will give ROC more room to grow. I won't be here next year, so my vote isn't that important, but I'll go ahead and lend my support to a relocation of Crosswalk to the South Pole.

  2. Thanks to all for who responded to Jared's Survey Monkey re. the South Pole! Your thoughts and comments were very helpful and appreciated.