Sunday, January 31, 2010


Lots of things begin in January; a new year, a new budget, a new small group and new leadership training, a new quarter (winter), and ROC’s new Assistant Campus Minister, Jared Ott to name a few. Let me share a few things about a couple of these.

This quarter we have a couple of new small groups beginning. First, we have a couple of our students leading “The Truth Project.” This is a world view study put together by the folks of Focus on the Family. A couple of our student leaders were trained last spring to take others through this material and they’re very excited to begin this time together.

Two “Vessel Groups” (module 1 of our new student leadership training) have also begun this quarter with eight students being equipped to serve the ROC community next year potentially as either a small group or administrative leader, leading Bible studies or planning community events and service. This is a great group of students with whom we are honored to be able to serve and grow. Please pray for these students: Adam, Aaron, Hannah, Greg B., Greg G., Bryan, Jennifer, and Mike. Pray also for Jared and me as we lead these students through the materials.

Jared Ott has stepped into his role as Assistant Campus Ministry with ROC and has gotten off to a great start. As he and Crystal continue to settle back in to Athens, Jared is teaching each Wednesday night at Cross Walk, facilitating the student leaders’ meetings, helping to lead the Vessel Groups and finishing up his thesis. Both Jared and Crystal are former ROCers (and former ROC student leaders). We’re pleased they have returned to serve the ROC community. Please pray for them as they continue to build relationships and develop community with the students.

We’re blessed with several new beginnings this month. But new things are usually built on that which came before. 2010 follows 2009. This new winter quarter has followed the fall building upon what was already learned. Our new Vessel Group members have already been involved in ROC and have shown some commitment to the community. Jared and Crystal were involved with us in ROC’s ministry as undergraduate students and now return “home” to serve with us. This new budget year has arrived because of faithful ministry partners, like you, who enabled this ministry into its 35th year.

Thank you for your part in this ministry. We are grateful for you!